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Brush strokes of energy, the art of Adam S. Doyle

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Brush strokes of energy, the art of Adam S. Doyle

Abigail Eastwood

My work always begins with a love for the magic of creation- the blank surface about to be transformed into a living thing or another world.
— Adam S. Doyle, Artist Statement
Adam Doyle

Artist Adam S. Doyle (website) is a New York based illustrator boasting a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA in Illustration from the New York School of Visual Arts. Experiencing childhood with an acupuncturist as a father, Doyle became interested in the visual representation of the 'energy within', owing his striking interpretations to a lifetime of exploring ideas and concepts coupled with expressive image-making.

He uses oil paints with dramatic and sweeping strokes to create luminous fluid animals which retain the details of the brush itself. His paintings focus on the subject, drawing the eyes of the viewer into the feathers or fur through contrasting hues of light and dark, leaving the animals upon a ghostly habitat of white, which allow his pieces an ethereal glow.

Doyle exhibits both an extreme control over his medium and tools, as well as the talent to allow their effect to seem fluid and spontaneous; of his deliberate brush strokes he explains

"With my paintings, it does take quite a bit of working and reworking to arrive at the place where every brush stroke fits into a fluidly flowing whole. It’s important to me to find a balance between an elegance of form that holds both visible marks of paint and a representation of ‘energy within’." (via thisiscolossal)

Featured in multiple world-wide exhibitions, Doyle showcases different series' depending on the main subject of his work, from animals and birds, to a collection depicting godly humans entitled "EYE LAND GODS" [right], as always featuring his signature swirls of paint.

As well as fine art exhibitions, Doyle creates illustrations for projects such as book cover artwork, game feature artwork and game card designs.


Below is a feature video detailing his exhibited Air Series.

Collected bird paintings by New York based artist Adam S Doyle explores the theme of Achievement through the element of Air. (Several pieces from the Oil Spill series also included. Recently exhibited at Skylight Gallery & MDH Fine Arts Visit to learn more.) Music by Emancipator - Lionheart

When I set out with a piece it is to explore stories, thoughts, and feelings that connect us. The narrative thread through my work is mythology. The myths of both our shared past and personal experiences that define being human.
— Adam S. Doyle, Artist Statement