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Creating participatory arts events and working with artists to develop their careers.

Artist T&C

Artists Terms and Conditions

Joining us

Agreeing to our services means that you agree for ARTbound to act as a representative for you and your art. By becoming an ARTbound artist, you are allowing ARTbound to promote you and your art with aim to build your audiences, attract potential buyers and create awareness for your career as it develops.

ARTbound will act as a professional support services for you as long as you are a member.  Full use of our on line promotional platform will aim to boost your on line experience and offer you new outlets to promote, sell and gain feedback on your creations.

Your membership benefits include a range of incentives which you can use at your leisure. Your membership contributes to the services, events and incentives which we can deliver to you as an artist.

Joining us gives you discounts towards publicly showcasing your creations during our annual events. Members will receive a Priority List email of events before these are published to our networks and the general public. Application is entirely your decision.

We intend on keeping all submission fees to events at a minimum and in some cases they will be free. Our submission fees contribute to venue hire, marketing and design costs. These can fluctuate depending on venue hire costs. Our choice of venue is crucial to ensure maximum exposure and potential of sales at a reasonable entry cost.

We prioritise artists making 100% of their sales during events. Where possible, we will only take a submission fee however Gallery commission may be required depending on the hired venues guidelines.


You agree that all information supplied to us is accurate and up to date. Any amendments can be made by emailing

If communication is lost for any longer than 45 days or monthly payment hasn't been received, this may terminate your contract and showcasing rights with us. Your account may be temporary suspended while we arrange payment. If no contact has been made after 90 days your profile will be removed and any reactivation may be difficult. 

Please inform us of any price changes, change in name or location as soon as possible.

You must describe your profile statement in a promotional manner and it must not be written in a personal way. Profiles must be written in the third person (please refrain from using ‘I’ and ‘me’)

Artists can use their ARTbound profiles to promote all other on-line networks including social media and personal website.
The information stated on the profiles will be used in communication with arts venues and arts personal in aid of acquiring any relevant opportunities. 



You warrant that all artwork sold through us is free of any copyright restrictions. You confirm the artwork is yours to sell.

Our commission rate will normally be 30% for work marketed and sold on line. Our commission amount may change during physical exhibition dependant on any partner commission rates. This will be stated in the relevant Call for Artist information sheet for the particular event.

Our on-line gallery works as a visual diary for our artists to showcase their original art, limited edition prints and any other format to which the artist’s original designs are being used.

All artwork included in the gallery is available for purchase. But will not include delivery or packaging costs.

No two artists will have the same arrangements:

•    Due to variations of artist’s prices the cost of posting will be different.
•    Due to each artist displaying varied sizes of work posting details are different for each person. Each artist states their tailored delivery choices.

Simultaneous marketing of your artwork through other outlets is acceptable however you cannot offer your artwork at a price lower than the price which you are offering it through us.

If an artwork is sold via another outlet you must inform us immediately and email us an alternative image of artwork to replace the sold one. Otherwise you may find yourself with an empty gallery.

If a customer contacts us to make a purchase we will email you their details for posting only. You will ensure that artworks are securely packaged, labelled and adequately insured for safe delivery to the customer once an order has been processed and confirmed.  ARTbound does not take any responsibility for posting issues, the artist must ensure all safety measures are taken out before posting securely, whether this is via Royal Mail, Parcel Force, Private Courier or any other source.

Collection of the artwork can be arranged between you and the customer.


During any event which ARTbound is hosting, if artwork hasn't arrived by the delivery date stated in the Event Documentation, your art will not be featured. Your acceptance fee will not return to you and you will have lost your opportunity for showcasing with us at that time. If your art arrives late, in most cases, you will have to pay for any returning fees that occur. 

Communication is vital during delivery, if you do not inform us that your work is being posted, we will not know to look out for it.

When supplying your image information for submission or exhibition labels, it is the artists responsibility to ensure all information is correct. If you note a mistake on any labels or social media promotion, please check the information you originally submitted before contacting us. Where possible, we will amend. 

Insurance: Artists are responsible to ensure their own art works are insured for the appropriate event and insured during transit. Artists are responsible for their own postage and courier options during delivery and collection.


Your application includes your acceptance of these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to cancel an application at any time with no notice.

We reserve the right to accept or decline your application to market artworks through us.

If we do not receive your subscription payment and communication has stopped, your information will be removed from our website and database. This may hinder any future submission acceptance to our events. ARTbound works strongly on a trust basis with all the artists in our community.