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Creating participatory arts events and working with artists to develop their careers.

Robert Leach

Artist | Graphic Designer

Based in Eldwick, West Yorkshire

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Robert Leach has over 30 years of experience as a professional graphic designer – he is now exploring his passion for painting and creating art as his primary focus. Robert creates Inspirational and meditation art to engage the inquiring soul and activate their energies. These canvasses invite the viewer to take a spiritual journey to other states of consciousness. They are a representation of either a chakra energy wheel, a time tunnel or a quantum leap through dimensions. This art is a celebration of spiritual energy, movement and freedom.

After not painting for 30 years Robert was suddenly inspired in Jan 2017 to start painting again, the explosion of creative painting was a great release of energy for him and has lead Robert to create 20 canvasses, some of which have been converted to be unique canvas art clocks. Robert loves the freedom of painting, using textures and creating art by hand, a welcome break from his regular work of digital art. Robert comments on how easy it would have been to create these works on the computer but they would not have had the same impact, honesty or appeal of conventional paintings.


  •  I wish to exhibit my work locally (and Nationally) and become recognised as a local Bingley artist.
  • I am looking to expand my art studio into a suitable location in and around Bingley.
  • I have seen some great art techniques on YouTube and I am eager to experiment with them in new works in the coming months.

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Dandelion Supernova

36in sq. A simple but dynamic acrylic canvas, this purely experimental piece took on a personality of its own and I am delighted with the result. When finished, I could not decide whether I had created a dandelion or a super nova star burst… but I loved the twin name so it stuck. This has pride of place above our fireplace and will need to be replaced with 002 if it finds a new home with another art lover. The piece was painted in acrylic and created by spinning it to make the black-gold- white vignette and then a splatter stencil was used to create the illusion of lines and movement… very satisfying to create. The canvas has a life of its own and fools the brain into seeing movement and energy that is just a static on the canvas.

£375.00 + postage/delivery


24in sq. art board – A heart connected by invisible threads of love.
On a similar theme of radiating lines connecting all consciousness into oneness. This is an extension to this creative avenue with a painted board instead of canvas and a physical heart shaped hole cut-out and then suspended back in the space, connected by a perimeter of drill holes to connect tight cords of various colours. Unbelievably, the heart shape is suspended by almost 75 metres of cord, which took days to thread, a real mind-bending task. The artwork was all drafted out on the computer first and then the design was printed out and used as a pattern for drilling and cutting. This type of art is more of a sculpture and it can sit on a table with clear space behind so the viewer can see the suspended heart shape in isolation but connected to the main body of the board. This is second cut-out and suspended heart artwork I have created, the first creation was given as a wedding present, images of this can be found on my Facebook site. This cut-out and suspended approach is an interesting departure to my current painting themes and one which I have several new ideas to explore this year.

£650.00 + postage/delivery

Canvas clock Energy Vortex – Purple & Black 001

36in sq. canvas clock has a simpler, darker feel to it, the bright purple ring is like a time gate with the 12 hour markers set like star gate coordinates. The hour markers are wooden dowels pierced by clear acrylic tubes that have gold or purple coloured filaments running though their centres, each marker is crowned with a chrome screw head cap. 8 of the hour markers are attached to the external frame of the stretched canvas and the remaining 4 markers for 3, 6, 9 & 12 are attached by magnets to the front on the canvas via an internal framework that also holds the clock workings. This is a dynamic clock and would be great for a larger wall or reception area. These clocks are hung at 45 degrees, like a diamond so that the four corners point to the 4 quadrants of 3,6,9, 12.

£1150 + postage/delivery (sensible offers considered)


40inx36in acrylic canvas – seating radiant being, this was an expression of joy to create, a culmination of all the chakra energy wheel paintings combined in the crystal elevator of energy centres back to source. Reminding everyone how special we all actually are, regardless of the grinding, heavy, 3D life we are temporarily travelling through. Many hours were needed to rule all the brush lines in with different spectrum colours over a splatter paint background. Even though it is simple composite construction to look at when close, it has an explosive power and life of its own. I will be returning to this theme this year as I want to create similar artwork and expand on this theme. 

£850.00 + postage/delivery