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Creating participatory arts events and working with artists to develop their careers.

Stella Mays

Wildlife artist 

Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Stella was born in London and from an early age her passion for animals and the natural world began to pave out her artistic future.

Working in pastel, Stella 's technique enhances natures vibrancy and immediacy which compliments her artistic style and self proclaimed, impatient nature. Since becoming a mum Stella confesses to having less time to work but more ideas than ever.

Using this as fuel to her art, Stella finds it hard to slow down when she returns to her studio, this then results in less meticulous pictures with more original compositions, ironically just what she aspired to when she had all the time in the world!

Painting wild animals in their natural environment offers an opportunity to escape this shrinking congested world, at least for now... But habitat loss threatens most of my subjects and supporting conservation is at the core of my work.

Commissioned painting. Proceeds to DSWF

Stella has previously achieved BBC wildlife artist of the year, overall winner and winner of 2 categories 'Endangered Wildlife' and 'British Wildlife' in 2011.

Most recently, Stella was the winner of the WILDLIFE IN ACTION category at DSWF Wildlife in 2012.


  • Conduct future charity events to raise money towards Wildlife Foundations
  • Continue working on new commissions and creating new paintings

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